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Rimini is...

Feel the caress of the gentle breeze over the sea which faces our hotel in Rimini on the promenade of San Giuliano next to the splendid marina, the Darsena. You can wrap yourself in the joys of the thousand resources that our land has to offer.

When you stay in our hotel , as well as taking advantage of the magnificent coast and days of pure indulgence between fun and relaxation on the sea shore, you will find there is much more to discover.

The town centre is full of historic evidence which allows you to relive the greatness of the times these places have been part of, the Roman Empire, for example, is still felt when walking past the Augustus Arch or Tiberius Bridge, in the same way as the impressiveness and solemnity of the Malatesta Temple or Sigismondo Castle bring to light the splendour of the Medieval Seignory in Rimini.

But the past heritage is not the only quality of the territory, it is also and above all famous for the theme parks in the vicinity.

The most famous is surely Mirabilandia, which you can discover by taking advantage of the price reduction available in the hotel: 850 square metres of fun and action are at your disposal here.

Small children will love Fantasyland, Monosaurus and Leprotto Express, and grown-ups should not miss the famous Ispeed, which at the speed of 120km per hour is an incredible experience.
Italia in Miniatura is a really special place where you will have the chance to rediscover Italy from a new and original view-point and appreciate the most famous monuments of this beautiful country and walk along the most renowned streets, all in miniature.
It is particularly exciting to sail along the Canal Grande in Venice which has been faithfully reproduced and puts you into the beautiful , enchanting role of being a giant in the town.

For non-stop fun, we recommend a visit to Aquafan, where the water reigns over dozens of attractions for young and old, all of them absolutely breathtaking.

If you do not wish to miss any of this, trust in our hotel in San Giuliano in Rimini which has reduced rates for all the parks, and give us the chance to make our greatest wish come true, that is for us to please you.